Listening to singer ERIKO's singing voice


"The reason I'm alive is to sing. 」
Why is it equal to living and singing for me?
That's just the time I released my first album as a professional singer.

2007In the summer of 2004, thyroid cancer was discovered.
Hospitalized immediately.
Metastasis was also observed in the right carotid artery, right shoulder lymph nodes, and the annular gland lymph nodes, requiring a fairly wide incision and complex resection of the right neck.

It was known that if the bone of the trachea was reached, it would be a tracheoe inse in which case the voice of daily conversation would also be difficult.

I didn't even cry.

It's all about living.

・・・続きはERIKOさんの公式HPの「ERIKO’S VOICE」をお読みください。