The importance of smiling is the ability to communicate with customers, to connect people, such as internal relationships.

As an instructor of laugh yoga (rafter yoga), how does your mind react to the action of laughing instead of having to laugh loudly?

In everyday life, you will notice that your way of life is on the face.

Is that expression a smile? Are you angry?  Are you a troubled face?

When you notice that your heart appears in your face and eyes, your way of life changes.

It is used for new employee training, sales training, and mental training. 】

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"What is Rafter Yoga and Laughter Yoga"

"Rafter Yoga and Laughter Beginnings"
This mental part comes from the way I experience life and death and learn ed from my own actual experiences.

"What is Rafter Yoga and Laughter Yoga?"

"The Origin of Rafter Yoga and Laughter Yoga"

"Beyond Laughter, Laughter Yoga, Laughter Yoga"

"The difference between rafter yoga and laughter yoga and other humorous activities"